Mobile version

The High Impact Golf Mirror®- Mobile version is our all-rounder. The mirror comes in a robust stainless steel frame. The frame of approximately 90 x 210 cm. (35.4 x 82.7 inches) around the mirror rests in the wide base with 4 high-quality swivel casters. With this mobile mirror, you could basically practice your golf swing everywhere.

Impact proof mirror

The glass we use for our High Impact Golf Mirrors® is up to 7 times stronger than any of your standard mirrors. Because of this special glass, the mirror can resist the impact of a golf ball and golf club during practice. Those making use of the driving range can now comfortably focus on their game when standing close to a mirror.

A mirror that does not wear

You want your driving range looking well-maintained and well-looked after. Regular mirrors wear over time due to weather influence. A High Impact Golf Mirror® does not have this issue. They will look in tip-top condition, all the time.

Stainless steel frame

A stainless steel frame protects the sides and full back of the glass and gives it its robust but refined look. Stainless steel is, of course, resistant to corrosion and therefore a perfect companion for the glass.

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